At this time, the ARTA API accepts server-to-server communications authenticated by API keys. Your API keys are self-managed and unique to your organization. You can create multiple keys if you would like to better isolate different applications in your integration. Please keep your API Keys private and secure. Each key ties API calls and any charges incurred therein to your organization.

ARTA API keys are either "Live" or "Test" keys. Test keys operate on a test sandbox. Using test API keys to create quote requests and book shipments in the test sandbox is particularly useful in your integration's initial build. All API endpoints respond identically in Live or Test modes, but shipments are not processed nor is your organization billed for test sandbox API calls.

Using an API Key

Using your API key is straightforward. Simply include your key in the Authorization header of every call made to the ARTA API. This header is the only place that API keys are currently accepted.

An example API call

  -H "Authorization: ARTA_APIKey s0e1t2e3c4a5s6t7r8o9n10o11m12y"

In the above example, you would replace s0e1t2e3c4a5s6t7r8o9n10o11m12y with an actual API key token belonging to your account.

Managing API Keys

Your initial API Key should be provided to you during onboarding by your technical account contact. From that point on, you are able to use that key to retrieve, create, and delete the other API keys associated with your organization using the endpoints described in ARTA's API Reference documentation.