Glossary of Key Terms

In these guides, we cover concepts and resources that describe ARTA's API and hosted tools. To better understand those services, let's specifically define the most critical terms.

  • Organization — an Organization represents your company in ARTA's systems; this is the parent resource that owns all data and shipments generated by the API
  • API Key — an API key represents a secret token enabling your software services to make secure and authenticated calls into ARTA's API; your organization may have multiple API keys; each key works exclusively in either Live or Test modes
  • Quote Request — a quote request (aka a request) describes all of the guaranteed and bookable quotes for a given set of objects being shipped between two locations; generally you will make a quote request and then book a single quote from that request to create a shipment
  • Shipment — each shipment represents a booked transport for one or more objects between two locations
  • Log — a Log entry is one record in a running feed that describes all API calls issued by any of the API keys associated with your account; you can retrieve details about previous calls via the API for easy debugging and monitoring of your integration; each log describes key attributes about the API call including HTTP method, path, time, duration, and responses
  • Webhook — Webhooks describe API endpoints you can configure to receive programatic updates about changes to your shipments; implementing a webhook endpoint is useful if your company aims to build a custom notification system to inform your customers about shipment schedule/status changes and deliveries
  • Email Notification — ARTA's API can optionally deliver notifications about key changes in shipment status over email to your team and/or to your customers